Our newly introduced DIY (do it yourself) range supports our clients to have quality products at affordable prices. Our DIY range includes versatile furniture that can be used within your bedrooms, living spaces or office. Available in a range of finishes, colours and sizes, we are sure you will be able to find a range of flat-pack furniture to fit into your new or existing home or office space. What’s more, here at Home of kitchens Sri Lanka we can offer bulk order discounts if you are looking to order in large quantities.

Flat packs are available for pick up at the showroom factory. Items are made per order, so please confirm your order prior to pickup. All items come with a detailed instruction manual are we also offer video tutorials.



That ‘s Alright! We still have you covered! We provide installation and delivery at an additional cost.


Now, we’ve all heard a few horror stories about assembling flat-pack furniture. But with a bit of preparation (and patience), putting your flat-pack furniture together can actually be enjoyable and rewarding. Follow these tips to make your DIY construction experience a good one.

Give yourself enough space

Choose a spot with plenty of room to move so you can lay out each of your pieces and use the required tools without obstruction. There’s nothing worse than starting to build something only to realise the whole piece won’t fit in the space. Use a measuring tape if you’re not sure.

Lay it out flat

Lay out each piece so it looks how it does in the instructions – before screwing or bolting anything together. Double and triple check the orientation of each piece, and ensure you have all the pieces and fasteners required.

Protect your pieces

The last thing you need is to get halfway through building your new piece of furniture and realise one of the pieces has been cracked or scratched. Use a mat or towel to protect the furniture parts from damage.

Check your parts

Make sure you have all the parts before you start to assemble the piece. There’s nothing as disappointing as being one piece away from completion only to find that piece is nowhere to be seen, so match up the parts in your pack with the parts in the instructions before you roll up your sleeves – especially the screws and fasteners!

Have some patience

Assembling furniture isn’t always a quick job. Give yourself plenty of time, and take your time to avoid errors or damage to the furniture. Instructions can be confusing, and pieces can be fiddly, so allocate yourself plenty of time.

Hold onto the tools

Keep the tools and instructions that came with your flat-pack furniture, as you’ll need them to disassemble and reassemble the piece if you move home. You’ll also need them to tighten screws and nuts if they loosen over time, so put them somewhere safe.